Khmer New Year 2009 -Waiting for the Golden Cow

Back home, as 12a.m approaches on New Year’s Eve everyone is usually tanked up,throwing up, partying their arses off and getting ready to snog some random spunk or their partner, pop some bubbly etc etc.

Grace couldn’t hack it.ZZZZZZZZ

You know what they do in Cambodia ?. For about an hour leading up to 1.30a.m ( that’s NYE
here ), they watch this inane TV broadcast with a bunch of holyish apsarars dancing around in a soft glow. The main event is when this Golden cow floats down from the sky and lands on the ground. Cambodians then light some incense and well………..that’s it !

Is it here yet ? Is it here yet ?

Oh for Buddha’s sake..hurry up !

The cow ! The cow ! It’s here !

Mum makes a wish and I think the look says it all;
” come earlier next year you rotten bloody cow”

Needless to say, I have vetoed this scintillating event for the last 2 years.

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