GRACE; General Update

I’ll tell you when I am finished with the spoon ok ?

Our little Grace is coming along marvellously. She now has her two top teeth coming down and is a very confident, inquisitive and all round easy to manage baby. She is eating EVERYTHING that we throw at her – baby foods, bread, rice soup, soft boiled eggs,yogurt, ice cream, mango and she can destroy a bottle of formula in seconds.

Her favourite mush.

She dominates her cousin Vichea and reduces him to tears with her ” sorry mate, I want that toy NOW” tactics. She now sleeps almost the whole way through the night BUT has become a little AirCon snob. If she is at the end of her day and is very tired putting her in an AC’d room puts her out like a light.

The cousins at Grandma’s house

She is even now swimming in The Compound pool !. Leakhana is the best mum and looks after Grace’s every need and can read her like a book. She knows every little sound and bump and scratch and nuance and is very very patient.

Enjoying a cooling swim
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