Doof Doof Jeep

Well I sold the Jeep last week. Then the guy recanted. As part of the sale process I had to put some new Monroe shocks on the front and all of a sudden the car was riding like a Rolls Royce. After a heavy rain storm on Saturday afternoon and then battling waste deep water along 136 st in the Jeep to get to my Poker game whilst all around me were conked out, I have decided to keep it . I bloody love this car.

First order of business ? SOUND. I decided it was time for an MP3 player to be installed and I hit the strip where all the car pimping shops are. Two hours of haggling and waiting around and $40 later, I have a brand new sound system that PUMPS out the tunes. Luckily the Jeep’s speakers were fine so I did not need to buy new ones. It makes such a difference to be able to tackle the Phnom Penh traffic with AC/DC blaring…………

Next I removed the big roof rack to give the car a more streamlined look and finally, the AC will be tuned to make it Westinghouse quality.

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4 Responses to Doof Doof Jeep

  1. As someone who lived in Las Vegas, I’d like to suggest window tint. It makes a world of difference- the fancy suv’s don’t just have it for looks and privacy. it keeps the car coooool.

    You want to go as dark as possible on the back side windows (5-10%) while 20-25-30-35 is good for the front side windows and front and back windscreens. you need to be able to see out of those windows at night….

    the key is the windscreen… it also helps reduce glare so you can see better in the scorching sun….

  2. You know, that is amazing you should bring that up because they were tinting another car whilst I was there and I thought about it. I am just not sure what quality of tint material they use here ( this IS Cambodia remember ! ). It looked just like a roll of ..well..dark tint plastic to me !!

  3. Goyzer says:

    thats exactly what it is pal , had my wifes done to keep the sun off the kids , works perfectly. it is literally just some film cut to size and squeeged on the inside. a blow torch wouldnt get it off either. Mr vegas has the numbers spot on too, enjoy!

  4. Goyzer says:

    have you had it done yet? lets see a pic!!

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