Money Money Money

Well yesterday we had a very nice surprise indeed. It seems that the larger block of land we bought in Kep falls within an area slated for industrial development by the Governor of Kep. Luckily, my brother-in-law is very good friends with the Governor so rather than having our land simply stolen as is often the case, they have offered us a more than fair price. In fact, the 2700m2 block of land has been bought from us for the princely sum of US$100,000. After a phone call mid morning from Tra to confirm we wanted to sell, the cash was delivered to me, in a paper bag, mid afternoon and was safely in my ANZ Royal account before I knocked off work. 


A 90% premium to what we paid a year ago. Not a bad return if you ask me. 


Now…..about that XR400 I have been eyeing off…………… 


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1 Response to Money Money Money

  1. Goyz. says:

    Did this deal actually take place on April 1st….

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