Welcome to the world Isabelle Brown

Chris and Isabelle

My mate Chris Brown and wife Ahya have just had their second child. A healthy 4.4kg girl ( that’s 9.5 pounds folks !! ) with a crop of hair to rival Donald Trump and a ruddy complexion, she now completes the Brown’s one boy ( Alex ) /one girl entourage. Chris is now looking for a clinic to have a vasectomy (as it is Chris this will be simple micro-surgery ) and I have told him I am happy to do it with my Leatherman multi-tool if needs be.

An exhausted Ahya in full Apres-birth Khmer attire.

Now its up to Gager and me to pop out another one each and then we will have a real little tribe happening.

Congratulations to Chris and Ahya on their new daughter and to Alex on his little sister.

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