Veasna turns 17

MMMM “Perfume”….

My live-in brother-in-law Veasna turned 17 on Saturday so Leakhana and I decided to spoil him. He has been living with us a month now and ( or is it tow ? ) and he deserved a treat. The kids in my family ( hell..everyone for that matter ) have hardly ever celebrated their birthdays for two reasons – none of them seem 100% sure when their birth dates are and there has not been much money in the pot for cakes etc. I have been changing that over the last couple of years . I believe a birthday is important for these younger kids as it makes them feel special for a day AND it is a good opportunity for everyone to get together in a festival atmosphere.

The Compound makes for a perfect party venue with it’s wide open courtyards and so it was that Veasna turned 17 . We gave him some beautiful photo boars for his room, his forst aftershave ( he doesn’t shave and sees it more as “perfume” ) and also my special gift to him was a pair of garden secatuers for trimming all his trees and shrubs which he absolutely loved. Everyone had a fine time though I had to retire early due to having a splitting headache bought on by far too much running around in the dreadful heat.

Veasna pimping the ‘Pound for his party

Srey Neung with her hands full.

Party Masks

Family shot

Self Portrait Super Pout

and finally Its amazing what a difference a few years makes…………………..

Veasna at age 14 when I first met him !

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