On my travels on the weekend I drove past a non-descript shed and barely noticed in graffiti style spray paint the word SKATE on the front fence. I stopped to have a look and lo and behold there was a skating rink with polished terrazzo concrete floor, some whoop de doos and disco music blaring. A few khmer kids were strapping on in-line skates and I was wishing I had my longboard with me !

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3 Responses to Skate-O-Rama

  1. Kratzy says:

    This place is LETHAL! I spent more time in this place than I proably should have while living in PP. Those humps on the side are scary on a Fridya or Saturday night when the place is packed… I do love the “skate pile” at the front – you basically just fish through a massive pile of skates until you find two that fit. It adds to the fun – everyone loves a treasure hunt!

  2. nb says:

    Got any better pictures of the place, K? It looks like you snapped it whilst on the airblade. Where is it?

  3. Struth I just deleted the photo of the address ! I think it is down the Monivong end of 178 or similar ! Sorry !

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