Eden Poker 2

A few drinks at ABAC Sundowners and then on to Eden Bar for the Texas Hold Em tournament. Played for 5 hours and eventually dipped out. Total spend ; Buy-in – $10, Beers – $5.

What was more interesting is Eden’s new sign. Take a GOOD look at it.

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5 Responses to Eden Poker 2

  1. Bong Tiger says:

    You could have cropped the photo better, say maybe to include the logo for MY BEER !

  2. Why would I ruin a perfectly good shot by including an advert for Cambodian Yak’s piss?

  3. gavinmac says:

    Is Eden Bar the same as Tahiti Eden? I is confused.

  4. No. This is Eden’s bar. Eden being a little geezer. Not to be confused with that other bar of ill repute….

  5. jeep-ownersclub says:

    LOL…liquor in front…

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