Eden Poker

Yesterday afternoon whilst consuming a cold Asahi, I got a hankering for a game of poker and a quick phone call confirmed that Eden Bar was holding a tourney from 8pm. At the allotted hour I turned up and about 10 of us headed upstairs to the intimate little private back room complete with AC, poker table and….best of all…..a young Khmer guy who did dealer duties all night and ran a tighter game than most croupiers in Monte Carlo. The group was made up of guys I had never met before and also a very sly looking Vietnamese lass. The game was No Limit Texas Hold Em with a $10 buy and re-buys allowed within the first hour. As it was tournament, there was a 1st,2nd and 3rd prize and during the night we were joined by another 6 or so players.

The total purse soon rocketed to around $300 and the quality of the game was excellent. Everyone knew what they were doing and there were some killer hands. I played fairly aggressively in the beginning and took some large pots and I then began mixing it up with some large bluffs which paid off handsomely as well. With extra players joining, the table was split into two and I soon found myself in another room without a dealer but with a drunken Khmer girl who had come straight from a wedding all dolled up and ready to play cards. She insisted on going all in on every hand with grandiose posturing but it was only a matter of time before we sent her packing.

Some 5 hours later I found myself back upstairs in the main room with just two other players. I had taken a place but with 1a.m looming and my energy and concentration slipping, I decided on a fairly brazen attempt at bluffing my way into the final two. Alas, it was not to be and I left the table with a respectable 3rd place and $60 having beaten about 12 other players. Less my $10 playing fee /$10 re-buy / $10 bar tab / $5 food tab = a total profit of $25. Very happy with my efforts , alot of fun and would definitely play this game again.

Maybe even next week !


Oh yeah…forgot to mention – whilst I waited in the bar for the game to start, I got chatting to a British press photographer. He showed me what was possibly the most amazing photo I have ever seen. He had been on Monivong Blvd the night before and had come across a shooting victim moments after the fatal shot was fired. This Khmer guy had been shot straight through his ear and the pool of congealing blood next to the body was just amazing, It looked like a huge pool of foot thick raspberry jelly and there was ALOT of it. Struth.

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  1. Goyzer says:

    sweet mother… too much info with the shooting pic already, trying to eat breakfast here

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