And the Garden flourishes….

When we inherited Veasna recently, we were also given all of Phalla’s much beloved plants and Veasna bought his much red frangipani ( khmer ; Champei or Funeral tree ) with him. Now all the palms have been relegated to the back courtyard to give us some privacy in at least one area of our house and the front has taken on a whole new look. Veasna is a very keen gardener and between the two of us, we have been putting in some effort. Special 7 colour fertiliser has been bought and on the weekend we hit the garden shop together for some more plants which is just dangerous becuase we both like the garden centre. We ended up buying a new species of bamboo, a new giant Strelitzier and the most expensive purchase, a Syzygium . I planted many of these around my house in Forster and whilst they take about 2 years to get going, when they do….stand back. The bougainvillea are now in full season and growing at a rapid rate of knots and the fence is slowly disappearing.

Red Champei
The new infinity edge pool

Go the bo’

Bougainvillea in training….

Not sure what these are but they are bloody nice….

I know it looks like a wall with some plants along it but
it’s a bloody garden alright ?

Compound Gardening Staff

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1 Response to And the Garden flourishes….

  1. Kratzy says:

    The “not sure but it is bloody nice” flower is a Spathiphyllum or commonly known as a Madonna or Peace Lilly. Very pretty garden indeed!

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