I’d love to have a beer with Duncan – but not in my dreams !


Yesterday I blogged about bizarre dreams brought on by eating prawns and wild mushrooms. Well, last night after a visit to our local beer garden for BBQ beef and an 8p.m bed time, it happened again. Leakhana could not sleep and I awoke at 2a.m to find her listening to Duffy on the new iPod and when she went downstairs to watch TV with Grace, I slipped back into a deep sleep and the dream began.

So there I am at Morgan and Banks Recruitment in Grosvenor Tower in the Sydney CBD. The interesting thing about this is I actually used to work in Grosevenor Tower AND I actually once had a meeting with M & B but this was like…..20 years ago. However, in my dream, the offices and EVERYTHING were exactly as they were for real. Anyways, the consultant tells me he has some excellent jobs going in Asset Management and will set up some interviews. The first one is as a car salesman for Maserati. I tell him I love the cars but…er… no thanks. Then he organises a meeting with ” a client” who is based in a huge penthouse and the next day I go along. Here the dream gets weird because my best buddy Duncan is with me again just as he was in the previous night’s dream. Clearly Dunc’s recent email has got him in my subconscious !

We ring the doorbell and who should answer the door in his pyjamas and looking very dishevelled but..wait….ALAN BLOODY BOND ! We are asked in and firstly shown around the penthouse which is very musty and has cobwebs and wild animals living in the ceiling . We are then shown into the lounge room and sat down and Mr Bond starts rambling on about his life and his companies and then he randomly excuse himself and walks off. At this stage Duncan looks at me with a ” what the hell are we doing here ?? ” look and walks off leaving me alone but mesmerised at how all this will turn out.


Bond returns showered,fleshly shaven and in a new set of silk pyjamas with a smoking jacket and silk cravat. I guess he realised how terrible he looked and decided he should fix himself up a bit. With no further ado,he then offers me $12,000 a month, a Range Rover, a house and a yearly bonus to “manage his assets for him” which included his penthouse, a chocolate factory and a resort in Perth. As I pondered the viability of this job……….

I woke up.


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