Last night I had the strangest dreams…..

Leakhana cooked some new prawn dish with some wild mushrooms and all I can say is last night I was TRIIIIIIIIPPIN‘ in my dreams.

I dreamt Leakhana and I AND Grace were swimming way out in the deep blue ocean somewhere and it was crystal clear. I was diving down quite deep and Leakhana let Grace go and Grace swam towards me IN UTERO style with little bubbles streaming out of her nose and a smile on her face.

Then I dreamt I was at the Australian Ambassador’s residence here in Phnom Penh with my mate and fellow ABAC board member, Derek. We were sitting at the dining room table eating large plates of watermelon and Margaret was grilling us ( diplomatically of course ) about why ABAC membership numbers were not increasing. Derek then brazenly asked the Ambassador if she could procure him a dozen cases of Johnny Walker Black at “diplomatic” prices.

Derek and I were then storming through the Pitt St Mall ( Sydney ! ) on our way back to work and we walked past Wendy ( Derek’s partner ) said “hi wen ” and then Derek was walking so fast he lost me. I ended up running into Andrew Goldstein, and old school chum of mine !

The dream then moved on to the playgroup that I want Leakhana and Grace to go to. I have ( in real life ) already called the guy that runs i and he has given me the times. In my now rambling dream, we arrive at the allotted time and there are all these older kids sitting around. He looks at our 6 month old and says “you should have rung me – she is too young !”

And on we go. Next I am on holiday with the whole family and we trek up some long trail to a grassy knoll that has the most amazing 360 degree views of some ocean and lots of tourists taking a dip in a hot thermal pool.

And next I am living in a terrace with Duncan in Hipwood St North Sydney and next door is a Krispy Kreme Donut shop.

I gotta get some more of those mushrooms……………..

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