I bring you Phnom Penh’s newest business ;

Now…If you know anything about Cambodian Quackery, you will understand how dodgy this idea is. Suburban Cambodian doctors recommend rubbing your stomach counter-clockwise for cancer so god only knows what might happen under hypnosis. They might even take all your confidence away !



Note 22/4/09 ; I received an email from a satisfied customer who read my blog ( as per the comment in the comment section below ) and I feel it only proper that I set the record straight. Clearly my post above was a piss-take as I mention CAMBODIAN QUACKERY but I would hate to damage anyone’s attempt at establishing a helpful business. Here is the email I received ;

I was surprised by your picture and comment about Phnom Penh Hypnosis and would like to tell you that you are misinformed.

Lance Castille is a very reputable and experienced hypnotist who came to Cambodia to help locals with PTSD and expats with stress and other issues.

Here are some articles about him.

Article on Phnom Penh Hypnosis in today's Phnom Penh Post:

Some of Lance's articles:

Comments on my and other's experience of his hypnosis stop smoking program:

Lance's website


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1 Response to Hypnotic

  1. BuffaLotus says:

    Dear Justin,

    You are misinformed about Phnom Penh Hypnosis and I think your comments about it are unfair. This is a legitimate business owned by a reputable American hypnotist, Lance Castille.

    I have been through his stop smoking program and successfully stopped with his help. I am completely satisfied with his service and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to make positive changes in their life.

    You should rethink your comments about this picture.

    Yula Lee

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