GRACE ; Baby got chompers

Our little girl has two bottom teeth.

When Mum and Ros were here, they picked up on the teeth when they were still hiding in the gums. How ? Grace was playing with her ears ! True story ! Mum said ” oh…she is playing with her ears alot…probably got teeth coming”. Mum then stuck her fingers in Grace’s mouth and said
” yep…I can feel them on the bottom jaw”.

So now they are poking up and she looks pretty dang cute(r) all of a sudden.

photos to follow………..

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2 Responses to GRACE ; Baby got chompers

  1. jo m mid east says:

    I just rediscovered your blog after losing all my favourites. Great to see you are doing well. Grace is an absolute stunner!

  2. Goyzer says:

    wait until she realises its hilarious to clamp them onto daddys skin….. not quite so cute then , enjoy!!

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