Mum and Ros come to town

Jan and Grace on first meeting…

Leakhana,Grace and Ros at Villa Langka

Well my mother Jan and her friend Ros have been and gone and it was a great visit. They were here for a total of 9 days and it was a very leisurely time for all of us. After picking them up at the airport I took them straight to The Compound for a Grace viewing session and both were instantly smitten with our little angel ( Jan’s 10th grandchild ). Grace was awake and in good spirits and they almost tore her in two vying for cuddles. We were all soon poolside at Villa Langka forma dip and some dinner and the next day the girls took off for a day of shopping at Russian Market.

Dining at Scoop restaurant

The next night Jan took us all to Scoop, a new and absolutely fantastic restaurant just near the Intercontinental hotel. The dinner was to celebrate both Ros’ and our weeding anniversaries and we did not hold back. The starters were fantastic, the mains gob smacking and the desserts delicious. All washed down wit ac couple of South African whites and it was a great meal. I think Jan went into Sticker shock when the bill came as at US$250 it was not cheap BUT the service was fantastic the owner was a very nice chap who kept the ladies entertained viz hiz German banter jawol.

Mum massage at Knai Bang Chatt Sailing Club

Leakhana post massage

We then headed down to Kep Lodge for a few days and the drive down left mum and Roz white knuckled and in need of several stiff scotches. I forget having done so many trips that the roads in Cambodia really are eye-opening, shock-inducing experiences for newcomers. And we were only doing 70kph ! Still, we were poolside safely at Kep Lodge before too long and the next few days were spent doing nothing except sleeping, eating and swimming. Mum got to know her daughter-in-law a lot better (and I am sure now loves her even more!!) and got quality time with little Grace which made me very happy. Grace really took to both ladies instantly and was no trouble away from home at all.

Unfortunately poor Roz got slammed by a case of Cambodian Belly for 24 hours and so missed Massage Day at Knai Bang Chatt but she was better in time for cocktails at Verandah and a lovely seafood dinner at one of the famous crab shacks. We even took them out to our blocks and showed them around the outskirts of Kep.Mum was amazed at the derelict nature of Kep and all it’s bombed out concrete villas but could still see its charm and what it might become one day. All in all I think they both greatly enjoyed kep.

“I really loved meeting my Australian Yay Janna and her crazy friend Ros !”

Back in Phnom Penh they continued to shop whilst I came down with a bloody awful virus ( see here ) and so it wasn’t until their last night that we caught up again and I was in no fit state to be out of bed. It really was a very poor ending to an otherwise fantastic visit. I felt so sick I could barely shed a smile or express the emotion I wanted to. I was just so thrilled and humbled that Jan and Roz came all the way up to Cambodia to see Grace and I love them both very much for the effort they made. They got some awesome photos of me with Grace (I hardly have any!) and I look forward to getting the copies and framing some up.

A big thanks to both of you and lots of love from the Garnetts in Cambodia !

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