Cellulitis = PAIN !

No – I don’t mean a dimply butt – I have that already. 3 years ago when I left Cambodia, I took back my first case of this nasty little bastard and it was not pleasant. I got on the plane in Phnom Penh with a red inflamed foot and got off the plane in Sydney with a watermelon attached to the bottom of my leg.

Last week I went to bed on Friday night at 9pm with a bit of a headache and within minutes I was shivering with a fever that rated 9.9 on the Richter scale. With 4 blankets on (including Grace’s baby blankets) my teeth were rattling and I felt like I was sleeping on sheet ice. After a night of hallucinatory pain and suffering I “awoke”(I swear I didn’t sleep a wink) to find that my lower right leg was again red and inflamed and sore as hell. In a groggy malaise, I spent the entire day in bed, only dragging myself out to go and say goodbye to my mum, and that was a real disappointment because I was not in the best form. In fact I was on the verge of throwing up at any second and could not even eat the soup I ordered. I had really wanted the goodbye to be special but I just couldn’t hold it together. Sorry mum!

Saturday night provided the same as Friday night with Leakhana covering me from head to toe in cold wet towels to keep the fever down and I spent the entire night groaning and hallucinating and fighting off imaginary intruders. Meanwhile the leg continued to expand and shoot pain from the ankle to the groin and all in all, I would rather have been dragged behind a truck along a tar road in my underwear. I self prescribed a couple of 500mg Amoxiclav, a few Tylonol and a Valium…all of which may as well have been tic-tacs.

Come Sunday morning, I capitulated and by 1p.m I was at SOS clinic where the doctor confirmed a nasty infection and told me I actually needed some 1000mg anti”bionics” and a daily IV treatment for the next few days. I got to spend a few hours in a nice quiet room on a clinic bed which was real bliss and the nurse even gave me a jelly because I was such a good patient. I left with walking cane as by now I could hardly stand unassisted and was soon back at home slumped on the couch.

So for the last week I have been lying around the house with my leg elevated and I have been scoffing pills at a rate of 10 a day. These invariably make me pass out for a few hours. The leg is slowly coming good and I am now sleeping much better (thanks for asking) and by the time this gets to press I should be 99% recovered.

Welcome to Cambodia – the Petri dish of South East Asia !

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2 Responses to Cellulitis = PAIN !

  1. madu says:

    my god justin, i am glad you’re on the road to recovery! yikes!

  2. madu says:

    god, justin i had no idea!
    i’m glad you’re on the road to recovery.

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