Banned in China

Just as I was feeling really chuffed with my blog’s site statistics ( which are heading north rapidly every month ) I have discovered my site has been banned in the largest market of them all – China. Some regular readers emailed me to tell me they now cannot access the site and I am stuffed as to why the Chinese would censor me ?

I do not make any political comments about China.

I do not make any political comments about the CPP here in Cambodia.

I never post nudity.

I can only guess it might be because of the odd swear word ?

Well…..All I can say is 恭喜发财 to you too you commie mother fuckers.

This is what two of my Chinese readers think of not being able to load

Never mind, I may not be as powerful as this guy YET but I am certainly pulling in visitors in a ever increasing number. China ? PFFFFFFFFFFFFt.
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4 Responses to Banned in China

  1. Goyzer. says:

    I blame Myrtle…..

  2. Felgerkarb says:

    Why the hell a bogan merits such attention, I will never understand. 😉

  3. L.I. says:

    I was going to say something witty, but my Mandarin fonts aren’t working!
    So who are you going to piss-off next, the North Koreans?

  4. Anonymous says:

    U r a little unpolite as I see, I used to browse your blogger from time to time as a Chinese living in Phnom Pehn, I googled international hospital for my coming childbirth, and I got your blogger address.
    I browsed most of your post and I think there is no reason for Chinese government to ban your blogger. There must be something wrong, but not being banned by the government.
    Wish your baby all the bests.

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