Australia Day at The Ambassador’s residence

With a slightly jaded hue still hanging over me from yesterday’s frivolity, it was all I could do to muster the strength to attend the residence of the Australian Ambassador for a two hour soiree last night. Leakhana and I got all dolled up ( cocktail dress for her / suit and tie for me ) and taxied it to Wat Phnom ( via Mum’s place to drop little Grace off ) and the stream of people heading in was impressive. The garden of Margaret’s STUNNING French colonial mansion was lit up with fairly lights and tea candles and staff dispensed Australian reds /whites and beers. After some formal words from the Deputy PM of Cambodia and the Ambassador, it was time to toast Australia Day with some bubbly and then head over to the feeding troughs for some of the best roast lamb and beef I have had. As the red flowed, the hangover subsided and after bidding Her Excellency adieu Leakhana and I were soon winging it over to Sharkey Bar for a nightcap. We looked quited the sight sitting up there at the bar in all our livery and whilst the wife hooked up with Vatey and headed to River House lounge for a bit of a bop, I headed home for the comfort of bed.

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2 Responses to Australia Day at The Ambassador’s residence

  1. Felgerkarb says:

    So what do you call a bogan in a suit? 😀

  2. A bogan with style ? 😉

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