Darren and Lucia’s housewarming

We went to a hilarious house warming on Saturday night that reminded me of the Peter Sellers movie “The Party”. One of my colleagues at work bought a small apartment (US$24k) and has renovated it(US$8K) and surprise surprise, it is in the some building as my Khmer family’s apartment. We dropped Grace off and headed upstairs and the place was already in full swing. Just about all the Khmer support staff were there and Darren had even organised some Anchor Beer girls ( in full uniform ) to attend to the beer barrel. Food was being pumped out from the BBQ at the front and the kitchen at the back and as the night wore on, things got highly amusing.

Leakhana went out to check on Grace at one stage and soon thereafter,I felt a tap on my shoulder and there were my nieces Srey Nek and Srey Pek in matching party dresses and my mother-in-law in her pyjamas and a big smile. They had come to have a laugh with us all. Mum then decided we needed more food an went down to the streetside BBQs to get some hot dogs which she then promptly ate with a bunch of people whilst plomped down on the floor of the small apartment ( 4m wide by 20m long ) . As the music raged, people came and went and when I decided it was time to crack the 1litre bottle of Finlandia vodka, do you think we could find it ? Some time a later the chap who did all the work appeared sheepishly with not only MY vodka but also a bottle of tequila he had removed to places unknown. Shifty little bastard.

I got talking to a Khmer chap who turned out to be Darren’s ( rather drunk) neighbour and soon enough I was also playing with his young son who was a delightful little boy afflicted with mild autism. I taught him how to do the upside down finger spectacles and his smile was just glorious. Next thing I know I am dragged into the neighbour’s apartment for show (guns and photos) and tell ( “I am policemen”). I was a little nervous at this stage as drunken Khmer policemen and guns don’t always mix and as soon as I could I extricated myself and got back to the relative safety of “The Party” which was by now looking like a dishevelled mess. Wild dancing in the living room, a kitchen that looked like a bomb had gone of and a lot of very trashed people.

Around 11pm we said our goodbyes and I am sure the next day there were sore very sore heads in the building !

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2 Responses to Darren and Lucia’s housewarming

  1. Dodgy says:

    Thanks for the review! 😉

  2. No worries mate. A top bloody night all around !

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