Dirt cheap beef and moderated music

As I have cruised around our neighbourhood running errands I have continually gone past this very nice looking beer garden in a side street. Very large with lots of trees and tables etc and most importantly – no sign of any karaoke stage, I have been wanting to give it a go. So last night Jeff,Vatey,Leakhana,Aliyah, Grace and I headed over to have dinner ( after Jeff and I conducted another Zorok Trial of course ! ).

We were shown to an outside table and Grace was almost immediately scooped up and swept away by an adoring waitress. A huge cow was on the spit so we ordered a plate of beef, some ribs,the usual plate loads of raw vegetables and a jug of beer to accompany the BYO French wine we arrived with ( they had no bottle opener so I had to shoot back to the Compound on a moto to get ours ! ). The food was excellent and there was one dish that I loved. It was basically strips of raw beef heavily soaked in lime juice and doused in raw chilli and it made the mouth absolutely HUM . It was so hot even the Khmer wives were OOOHING and AHHHHING.

We ended up re-ordering another plate of beef and ended up having two jugs of beer and when the bill came I was expecting it to be around the $40 mark. It was $25. I could not believe it. Add on the two bottles of $5 French wine and four adults absolutely gorged themselves,imbibed decent wine and beer and got babysitting thrown in for US$8.75 each !! We gave them a healthy tip and I also tipped the young girl who looked after Grace $3 ( probably the same as what she would have got paid for her 8 hour shift ) and I will definitely be taking the family there again .

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1 Response to Dirt cheap beef and moderated music

  1. Rob Carry says:

    I’ll have to give that place a try – I’ll be back in Phnom Penh in April 🙂

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