There’s a new beer in town

Tongues are wagging, taste buds are tingling and local breweries are panicking. There is a new beer in town, it’s comes from Vietnam, it’s called Zorok,it tastes great and…most importantly for local lager louts..IT IS CHEAP AS HELL. Jeff ( our local beer truffle pig ) was the first to sniff out this amber gold and now every beer bellied guzzler in Phnom Penh is running around snaffling up cartons as quick as they can.

The price ( for all you suckers paying $5+ a beer elsewhere in the world )…US$7 for a box of 24 . That is 29 cents a can. Yeah Baby.

The only thing I can fault is the can design which is horrid.

Contrary to one local beer executive’s pathetic attempt to discredit it ” get ready for the chemical hangover”, Zorok rocks and other beers will see their market share fall even further than it already has if they keep shipping this stuff over.

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3 Responses to There’s a new beer in town

  1. Goyzer says:

    Financial markets reacted to the ”Garnett” effect today as the reknowned beer specialist from Australia gave his official seal of approval to the ”Zorok” brand. a company spokesman said ”to have Justins approval has given us a licence to print money….” the stock closed up 33%.

  2. L.I. says:

    Concurrently, the world supply of goat-piss is on the decline. No one is sure why at this point, details to follow. Film at 11.

  3. LI,
    I think the goats piss is in decline because Oregonians are now using it too bath in due to a lack of rain this season.

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