The Sauna Wrap 5000

Ssssssweat it out sister

Both Leakhana and her sister Phalla are in a bit of a flap about their post-pregnancy figures. Phalla more so than Leakhana. I have tried to explain that walking the kids around the park in the stroller and doing some exercises at home will help and that some women’s bodies can take a year to repair. Phalla went out and bought herself this crazy “sauna” that is basically a big bag you sit in while some little machine blows seam into it and yesterday Leakhana came home with tis gadget and a set of scales.

I just hope it doesn’t short circuit and fricassee my wife ! At least it will come in handy the next time my back has a spasm attack ……

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1 Response to The Sauna Wrap 5000

  1. Kratzy says:

    Oh my goodness… As soon as I saw this post I thought of an episode of one of my fav tv shows.

    If you can track it down at Russian markets… "Dead Like Me" Series 1 Episode 4 – Reapercussions.

    Here is the clip:;=related

    Hilarious show and this episode is about an exploding product called the Absolver.

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