The Phnom Pen dines with the Ambassador

One of the perks of being the Treasurer of The Australian Business Association of Cambodia
(ABAC) is that you get invited to some nice soirées. So it was with great pleasure I accepted the kind invitation of the Australian Ambassador, Margaret Adamson, to dine at the Ambassador’s residence last night. After donning one of my finest suits, I arrived at the allotted hour of 7p.m and after the security guards swept over and under the Jeep with a long handled mirror, I was shown to my car spot.

I joined the other members of ABAC in what was I guess the “drinkies /ante” room for some pre-dinner drinks which were all served in very nice crystal glasses. We chatted about all manner of things and the Ambassador proved to be a very nice, engaging lady. I know she must do a lot of these things, some very formal, some not so formal. We fell into the “smart-casual” category so the mood was very relaxed indeed. I knew everyone there and had helped the Ambassador pick her winning horse at the ABAC Melbourne Cup function in November so it was a very nice evening.

The residence is absolutely stunning and is located just near Wat Phnom. It is a lovely old French Villa with extensive grounds and a pool etc but it has just been redecorated and whoever did it was bang on. I would not change a thing. Very tasteful art ( on hire from Australia), lovely sofas and some beautiful rosewood or mahogany antiques throughout. After drinks we moved through to the formal dining room and were sat down by the impeccable staff at our prearranged places. I was sat next to Angela ( a great friend ) and the Ambassador’s husband, a Polish chap who proved to be quiet the conversationalist. As the courses rolled out and we made our way through the line-up off fine silverware, the conversation shifted from marauding monkeys to the state of the economy to how to fight “Cambodian belly”

A first rate night and a very nice opportunity to have a nice meal with some interesting people.

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1 Response to The Phnom Pen dines with the Ambassador

  1. L.I. says:

    And what was your answer to the dreaded CBS (Cambodian belly syndrome)? Don’t even mention the sauna 5000!

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