Lazy Saturday in Takmeo

Grace and Aunty Phalla

Sometimes it’s a bit hard to find something relaxing to do in Phnom Penh that doesn’t involve having to spend alot of money to sit pool side somewhere or fight hordes of traffic or people. I had a great 1/2 day in Takmeo on Saturday and I can highly recommend it for a mini-escape, especially if you have kids.

Grace enjoys a cold tinny

First of all we sat in the shade under the huge trees at the northern end of the river front. There are stacks of little tables with deck chairs where you can order up some food and something to drink. The breeze was refreshing to say the least. I was perfectly comfortable but my Khmer relatives wanted jumpers ! There is stacks of space with very few people and the long strip of garden offers ample lawn space for tot playing. I could have sat there for a few hours but hunger got the better of us so we moved south.

Lunch on the Tonle Sap river front

After checking out the big RomdayChang or similarly named restaurant ( full of RCAF uniforms swilling whiskey ) we decided to head back to the MAX restaurant. We got a lovely table on the terrace overlooking the river and there was only one other table of people there. They are extending the deck and there some guys banging away with hammers but I asked the owner if they could stop for an hour while we ate and she obliged in a second ! . We then ordered up deer lok lak and wild boar soup which I am pretty sure by khmer bro-in-law told me was actually illegal to eat ? At any rate, the deer lok lak was delicious. We actually had two servings of each and several beers each and the bill was $36.

Then it was back to the river front to walk Grace in the stroller and then home for a nap.

A great way to spend a Sunday and something I will definitely do again on a regular basis. You could quite easily skip the restaurant an just eat under the tree for a few bucks.


Once back in Phnom Penh Leakhana talked me into going to Psar Kandal with her for a facial and I was soon fast asleep on a bench complete with face mask and bazillions of women around me.

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