New Year’s Eve 2008

Hot on the heels of a great Xmas came a fantastic NYE. Having suffered what I thought might have been dysentery for 4 days ( bed-ridden and 400 trips to the bathroom to thread the eye of a needle ain’t no fun I can tell you) I was fairly nonplussed about the whole idea of going out. Of course, my wife had other ideas and whilst she and Phalla decked themselves out, I dragged myself off the couch and got showered and changed. With Mum looking after Grace,we were soon tuk-tuking it to Bar 33 ( where Leakhena’s other sister Lin works ) through horrendous traffic and rain and before long we were enjoying several pitchers of beer at happy hour prices. Lin joined us and we had a good old laugh before Leakhana,Phalla and I left for River House with the promise of meeting Lin later.

On arrival at River House we found it absolutely packed and already the dance floor was heaving. We found a spot in the corner and watched proceedings and soon enough the dance floor was cleared and it was competition / give-away time by the sponsors, Heineken. The MC called out for a few female volunteers and as Leakhana had already downed a few beers and one tequila shot, she was in fine form and was soon making her way to the dance floor with two western backpackers. The challenge ?? A good old fashioned dance off. ON came the music and the girls started going crazy. Leakhana was busting some serious moves and she took out second place. Before too long she was heading back to the bar with her two new found friends, some Melbourne girls and as they were leaving the next day they kindly gave Leakhena the huge first prize basket. Half a case of Heinekin and some Heinekin glasses were now ours !! Sweet.

After River House we took the girls over to Le Mansion for some more party action. Le Mansion is a huge and glorious French Colonial Mansion that the FCC will renovate but right now it is all peeling mustard coloured paint and arched windows. As a party venue it rally cannot be beat and the joint was pumping. Lin met us there and as she does not get out much I swept her onto the dance floor and we had a ball. It was just me, my wife and her two sisters and the night was fantastic. After tripping the light fantastic for a couple of ours we decided to hit a restaurant for some 2am noodles. Happy 2009 !

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