GRACE ; The Humpy Jumpy

We played a nasty “switch the candle” trick on “Mr Hump” when he went

to the lav. Ha ha he he ho ho……

Humphrey and Dai

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Last week we went to dinner for my mate Humphrey’s 57th birthday. The poor bugger got stuck in Thailand what with all the brouhaha going on in Bangkok and had to hump his humpy old hump back to Phnom Penh overland in a bus for 48 hours. With his lovely partner Dai and a bunch of friends in tow, Humphrey took us all to Khmer Sarawan near the riverfront and we enjoyed some cold beers and the best pizza in The Penh. Even little Grace was there and she had a surprise coming. God bless Humphrey. It was HIS birthday but HE was giving out the presents. After a discussion weeks ago about how we waned to get a baby bouncer for Grace – you know….those things that they sit/stand in and jump around like the man on the moon- Humphrey came through and presented Grace with what we have now called The Humpy Jumpy. I had to have a stand made for it by one of my contractors but a week later Grace was giving Neil Armstrong a run for his money.

Gracey, you are cleared for lift off….
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1 Response to GRACE ; The Humpy Jumpy

  1. mrklatham says:

    Good to see the jumpy and jumpee in action.
    What sort of mates would switch the numbers on the cake,and why didnt i see it coming?
    Thats old age I guess.
    Nearly bought the steel stand for the jumpy in perth as well,glad i didnt after having to bus home through ko kong with the heaviset bag that i have ever carried.
    Lucky I didnt bring the cordless drill!
    How ironical that i bought back framed photos and WW2 aircraft models,all bloody heavy and i couldnt fly home.
    Damn those yellow shirts!

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