Mussel Beer

I just love it when I come home and the wife says ” Sweetheart, we are bbqing tonight.” BBQs are a communal thing at TC so it usually means a few beers with the Jeff while the women cook ( trust me – I have tried to do it myself..they just won’t let me !! ) , a few laughs, some music and the kids playing around. The only things you can’t really forecast is WHAT you will eat or HOW MANY people are coming. For example, we had one the other night and Jeff got ribs while I got chicken. Normally it’s the other way around and Jeff salivates and watches me eat my juicy ribs. Then, both of us almost simultaneously asked our wives ” who else is coming? ” when we saw how much food there was! Apparently, it was just us !

Something you can never underestimate here and which constantly amazes me, is how much food a diminutive 43kg Khmer wife can eat. Both Vatey and Leakhana eat like…well……brown bears. Unlike a bear ( or Jeff and I ),they eat very slowly and methodically over a looooooooong period but they can eat almost their own body weight- just like a bear. It is really something to see. I explained to Vatey the terms “You must have hollow legs” and “tapeworm” and she thought they was quite funny, but was unable to laugh as she was busy..yes….eating. At any rate, it is great seeing the girls eat so well and enjoy their food after all those years in Barangistan witnessing women diet and stress over every calorie. Plus they chug beer at the same time which is very sexy.

Caution; Bear at work.

Speaking of beer……Aliyah has discovered a new game called Mussel Dunk. This is where she proceeds to throw clams into her mum and dad’s beer. I threw out a challenge to Vatey to drink hers and whilst she declined (smart), Jeff decided to give it a go(insane). This is impressive on two fronts ;One, after being harvested from the gritty depths of whatever waterway, these things spend all day being pushed around the markets on flat bed carts in direct sunshine with no ice under them. Two, Jeff had just come off a two day sickness. Outstanding work.

Jeff..there may not be any monkeys in your bar, but there are mussels in
your beer !

Aliyah ; Cambodia’s newest Mussel Dunk superstar

Grace meanwhile…looked on amazed.

Grace; “You are all heathens……….”
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