The Full On Mick Jagger Motorcade

One of the other unique things about living in The Penh ( apart from Randy Rutting dogs and The Nightly Howling ) is The Daily Motorcade. There are ALOT of VERY important people living here ( just ask them, they’ll tell you….) and sometimes those people need to get somewhere in a hurry. Like-home for dinner, out for breakfast, over to the mistress’s house for a shag or to the loo.Given the state of the traffic in Phnom Penh and the ever present grid-lock, there is only one way a VIP can achieve this. The Daily Motorcade.

You know when they are going to happen because cops start blowing whistles and stopping people at lights and traffic comes to a (worse) standstill. They vary in extremity from one Toyota Forerunner with bodyguards at the vanguard ( all leaning out the windows waving walkie talkies and hands and driving like complete lunatics ) and a Lexus with driver and VIP at the rear to what I call The Full On Mick Jagger Motorcade ©.These are real doozies and are quite impressive to watch. EVERY single side street and traffic light for about 2 km gets blocked by MPs and Traffic cops and everyone is waved out of the way with gusto. Except me of course, I just carry on up the street hugging the kerb saying ‘ Gon Laing twer gaa tee nih..” ( I work just here ! ).

NYPD’s finest lead the way..

Then, like a scene out of “Who Shot JKF ?”, the sirens start sounding and out of the distance rolls
The Full On Mick Jagger Motorcade ©.Usually a few white police motorbikes, some donated ex-NYPD black and white squad cars, a minivan or 6 and then a string of Peugeot 406s with flags waving, some Mercedes 500sl sedans, several Forerunners chock full of gun toting thugs. Whistles keep blowing, the masses watch on with interest and then there is usually a few Camry driving / scooter riding ” I want to be a VIP” types who speed along in the wake of the TFOMJMC .

The Full On Mick Jagger Motorcade ©

Unfortunately, no sign of old Mick”Snake Lips” Jagger, but good fun to watch nonetheless.

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1 Response to The Full On Mick Jagger Motorcade

  1. mrklatham says:

    I joined a motorcade a few months ago and got home from the bar really quickly.
    A police car followed by a silver merc swept past so I joined in behind the merc and in front of the following police vehicle.
    We hurtled down norodom boulevard at 120ks.
    The only way to travel in phnom penh!

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