Mad Dogs and Englishmen

For the last week or so I have either woken up or gone to bed with the most horrible screeching / screaming going on out in the street. Definitely canine in origin, it has worried me alot because as a former dog owner and lover, I knew it had all the hallmarks of pain/suffering/torture etc. Our street has so many dogs roaming around in it that sometime it resembles a Cruft’s Dog show- however you would need to replace Best Coat,Best Walk,Best Trained andBest in Breed with Droopiest Balls, Ugliest Face, Spazziest Legs and Most Inbred Mongrel. Ever seen what happens when a Rottweiler gets into a Chihuahua ? Happens here all the time.

One thing that still amazes me, and I have mentioned it before, is The Nightly Howling as I call it. At some point in the night every single dog ( numbering in the hundreds ) starts howling together. It only last a few minutes at most but it is really something to hear. If you were a western child under 14 here on holiday, it could leave you damaged and sleeping with the night light on forever.

This morning when I heard the murderous sound start up again, I just happened to be on my way out of The Compound for work so I readied myself to beat a dog owner into submission and show them that Buddhism really is alive and well – Karma and all that. As I opened the gate I was met with the most painful sight I have seen for at least…er……a day. You see, the sound was not emanating from the torture of some poor wretched mutt but rather Perfect Puppy Match gone wrong- yet again. Clearly one of the street’s alpha males has been “taking advantage” of a smaller female on a repetitive basis and it cannot have been much..ahem…fun for her. Luckily, my Costa Rican Dog Training 101 skills( gained in the small village of Montezuma whilst backpacking in 1994 ) cut in and I was soon breaking up the lovelorn duo with a torrent of water from the hose. They will thank me later.

Sorry about the quality but it’s not a good look taking photos of an amorous couple in the act so this was a hasty shot .

As I jumped on the scooter and headed off for work I counted no fewer than 3 other sets of locked up mutts within 100m of The Compound ! Wacky Wednesday or just the change in the weather ?

Oh.. and The Englishmen ? Just threw that in because it makes for a good title.

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1 Response to Mad Dogs and Englishmen

  1. GOYZER says:

    theres me thinking ”Englishmen” was a tribute to me, the Pomme ledge. ah well

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