IKEA Schmikea

Ok…….for the guys out there this post is going to be a bit gay but I blog about everything in Cambodia as you all know so screw you ;-).

When Leakhana and I moved into The Compound, we spent about $3000 kitting it out with a bunch of furniture. My rationale for this was that as Cambodia is a fairly brutal place to live with heat and rain and few open spaces to relax that don’t involve spending money, I have always maintained your crib needs to be your castle. Plus I intend on being here for at least 5 years…hence the flat screen television ! Anyhoooooow………….

One of the items we bought was a really nice wicker L-shaped lounge. Problem was, they fill the cushions with the leaves or flowers from the kapok tree and after a while a) They lose all shape and heep sliding off the base and b) They seem to be filled with some kind of mites that nip at you – true !. So now that I am on the Professional Couch Potato Team of Cambodia, we made the decision to get some new base cushions made and the whole thing recovered.

The Old

Original cost of couch and coffee table ; $ 430
Material for recovering ; $17
Labour and new foam ; $100

So for $547 we have a seriously comfortable sofa that would retail in IKEA back in Australia for $2000 ++. If we ever go back to Australia, it is coming with us !

The New ! Potato heaven.
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