Necklace nabbing and near-death experiences

Interesting night on Friday night. As Leakhana and I travelled down the river front at 8pm on the Airblade we witnessed a classic necklace nabbing. Right in front of us two freshy boys on a scooter swerved over to a tuk tuk and the guy on the back simply reached over and grabbed the female tourist’s necklace straight off her neck. She had no idea what had happened and I followed the culprits down Sisowath yelling JOW JOW ( thief thief ) at the top of my voice but they were on a Viva 125cc so were gone in a flash.

After a few games of pool and a bit of a bop at river house, it was time to go home and as we cruised down the deserted southern end of Street 51 ( a long and badly lit main road that stretches north to south ) at a sedate 40kph we were lucky not to get snuffed out. At the intersection of street 300, some arsehole fuckwit dipshit motherfucker in a a Lexus 4wd ( I swear, Lexus is synonymous with WANKER in this country ) came blasting out of the side street at about 80kph just as we were about tohead into the intersection. In any normal country, this guy would ave to yeild / slow down etc. Not so here in Cambodia. The result was that I had to jam on both brakes HARD and the little scooters don’t exactly have ABS so Leakhana and I hit the deck. The Lexus slowed briefly before speeding off and I ran over to find my wife was shaken and stirred but otherwise alright barring a small coin sized wound on the kneecap.

Me on the other hand…………..


And just in case you forget….this was the last wound I sustained last year on my dirtbike…

Welcome to biking in the ‘bodge !

PS. Friday night there was a huge party next door with stadium speakers belting out hip hop so lud I actually went over and told them to turn it down. Then Saturday through Sunday we had a tent blocking our entire driveway with dingle dongle all day ( the people across the road having the 100 day wake ) and then sat arvo’ some atrocious rock band over the back fence starting belting out something that resembled a catfight in a drum shop. Struth…

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1 Response to Necklace nabbing and near-death experiences

  1. robert carry says:

    Jesus Christ what a knobhead. You should go down to the thunder ranch shooting range and buy and RPG. Next time some muppet in a Lexus nearly kills you ya can whip it out and blast the fucker!

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