Urban Aquaculture and the shocking truth

OOOOOOOOh Lovely !

Look at this picture. A charming glimpse of Cambodian Rural aquaculture being carried out on the wide expanses of the famous Mekong River right ?

Wrong !

That shot was taken in Boeng Tompoung (a lake on the outskirts of Phnom Penh ) about 200m to the left of this outfall /wier ;

Jesus – are those fish traps in the picture ? And what IS that foam ?

And that wier was fed from this “creek” that was running directly out of Central Phnom Penh ;

Is that creek glowing or is it just my eyes ?

My work colleague Narin tells me these aquatic herbs ( Morning Glory ) are ending up in a Khmer dish called Trokurn so I will not be eating that any time soon and it was a stark reminder that all that glitters in Cambodia is not gold…..

Oh ….and here is a lovely example of how property development laws work here ;

Want to build a “waterfront” apartment block ? No worries – just do it.

All in all a very interesting afternoon cruising around taking photos !
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2 Responses to Urban Aquaculture and the shocking truth

  1. Kratzy says:

    This is why “Morning Glory” is also known affectionately as “Sewer Weed” or “Swamp Grass” – it apprently grows best in water systems that are less than perfect.

  2. Kratzy says:

    By the way… Never touched the stuff myself unless I was in the provinces a lonnnngggg way from urban areas… Too scared to think where it was harvested from.

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