Ve vill fight zem on zee shores

The Mozzilator 5000 Turbo

Who was it that said small things amuse small minds ?

These little $14 Chinese made mosquito zapping units are fantastic ( though I doubt they would pass safety muster in Australia). There is something wickedly amusing upon hearing the CRACK of a little bastard getting fried alive. When you hear two almost simultaneously it is like winning lotto. If Jeff and I had been half motivated the other night as we demolished beers and the remains of a bottle of Grey Goose Vodka,we could even have made a drinking game out
of it ! Plus, when all lights go out for bed time, it sets off a cool purplish blue glow all over the tiles of the lower floor of our house. Very Andy Warhol.

Now I am thinking of getting a couple more and setting up a gauntlet along the corridor to rival the English Channel a la WW2.


And here are some arty shots I took of my new toy up close. I really like them because they are the kind of photo you can look at forever and wonder ” what the hell is it ?” but again…small things and all that.

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