One hot,long Saturday

It has been bloody hot in the Penh for over a week now. The problem has been exacerbated by the complete absence of any breeze and it hasn’t been pleasant. After a few beers at TTAS on Friday night where 8 of us huddled under the bar as a massive rain storm passed over, Leakhana and I headed for Pho Olympic for Saturday breakfast. We then headed over to give Phalla Aunty Sarah’s care package ( Sarah – Phalla was very humbled and thinks you are the most generous person she knows ! ) and a quick visit turned into a 5 hour lazy day of baby time and a glorious bbq duck and Tsing tao beer lunch. The girls clipped nails, injected saline into noses,applied cold presses to foreheads, changed nappies, moisturised and generally clucked and preened over the kids all day.We talked about the limits Phnom Penh imposes on you as a young family. There isn’t a lot to do and the heat makes things worse. Of course if we owned a massive French colonial villa with a pool and a garden things would be different…..but we don’t. I also marvelled at Vichea’s growth. The kid was a runt when he was born and now I swear he is a little brute of a lad with muscle mass ! He has a Johhny Weismuller style chest and biceps …

Strongman Vichea (5.5kg ) and Amazing Grace ( 4.5kg)

BBQ Duck and Tsing Tao Beer. Mmmmmmm.

Whilst Leakhana and I showered and changed in preparation for going out, Tra took the rest of the family AND little Grace out for a soup dinner. Mum sheepishly asked if she could take and look after Grace even though we were not going and when I said yes, she was over the moon. Tra had a Toyota Previa ( bit like a mini Tarago ) on loan and it was nice having a small break . I felt 100% comfortable giving our baby to the family to take out and Leakhana and I headed to Cadillac for a cocktail and then headed to Riverhouse Lounge where we met up with Vattey,Tra and Phalla . By this time Grace was safely back at home with Srey Neung

Cold packs,paracetamol ( for the after-vaccination flu ! ) and lots of fussing !
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