The $5000 house

Check this little Kep beauty out. The owner built it himself using mostly jack fruit trees and it cost all of $5000. I love the fact this guy has built something so groovy and did not stick to the usual house-on-stilts khmer model. He was very proud and I spent an hour with him talking about his methods. He has told me he can do one for me for the same price ! The only part I don’t like are the stairs. They look unreal but are highly impractical with a child. What you cannot actually see from the photos are the stunning ocean views the family has from the upper deck ! This guy scored big time because his plot is right at the entrance to Kep Lodge so he has benefited from the 4m hard packed road being put in and also has electricity to his front door. I bet he didn’t spend a cent ! With about a hectare of heavily fruited land under his belt and a $5k outlay on the house, he could now sell it to an expat for about $70k++ I reckon ! Not bad.

In comparison, below is a Kep Lodge Bungalow that can be built for US$6,000. 5x5m bedroom with large terracotta tiles,internal bathroom with hot water, beautifully finished with proper timber doors and frames but no kitchen. kitchen ? A gas tank and a burner fixes that !! What you cannot see from this photo is that the external walls on left and right side have all these wonderful small river pebbles set into them and it looks great. Imagine two of these with a 5x5m common area between them and an extended 3m wide verandah running along the front with a separate outdoor shower and dunny block out the back in terrazzo concrete and that’s what I am heavily leaning towards. Two sets of bunks in one bungalow = 4 people and then a queen in the other = 1 couple. Add a pool in the front and plant it out with fruit trees. heaven.

“Banana” Bungalow @ Kep Lodge
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4 Responses to The $5000 house

  1. mrklatham says:

    Looks great,one can still build cheap here.
    Is the white building masonry?
    Is that the bathroom?
    However the white ants may make a meal of the structure over time.Unless of course he treated the footings which would not be difficult.
    Must check it out next time I go.

  2. Yes the back structure is brick and mortar and is the kitchen. I asked him about jack fruit timber shrinking and he told me no worries at all but the KLodge builder told me otherwise. Next time you go down take a look at the new Khmer house opposite Juntha’s shop near our blocks. That typical Khmer wooden house cost $8,000 and has no internal walls upstairs and not much character compared to this one. I still believe the bungalows built at $6000 or so are a steal.

  3. mrklatham says:

    was at utopia a year ago in kampot,he had built two adjoining bungalows for $6000 the pair.

  4. gundjalo says:

    5k$ for that… I was thinking that cambodia is cheaper 🙂

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