Aunty Sarah comes to visit

Sarah and Grace on their first night together. Equally besotted !

My sister Sarah has just been to visit for a week and her sole desire was to spend as much time as possible with her new niece Grace. I think she overachieved in that department !

After taking Srey Nek and Srey Pek out to the airport to pick her up ( at Sarah’s insistence ), we headed back to the apartment where Sarah and Grace came together like magnets and the attraction was mutual and automatic. Poor old Sarah toted 30kg of baby presents over to Cambodia from the family and we were soon enjoying a bottle of wine or two and a present opening session to rival 5 Christmases arriving at once. I even go to open some lovely …ahem …….40th………birthday presents for myself. The family really spoiled little Grace and she now has some beautiful clothes,toys and knick knacks to keep her happy. BIG THANKS TO ALL THE FAMILY !!

Christmas comes early

The next five days went all to quickly and were a whirlwind of shopping ( clothes for Sarah, more things for Grace ! ),dinners,lunches and family parties, including an early ….ahem…..40th……birthday party for me which saw friends arriving on a wet night for a bbq.

Family and friends at my 40th

Whilst the whole family headed out to the Wat for P’chum Ben,Sarah and I bundled Grace up ,grabbed a tuk tuk and headed to the FCC for lunch and then Leakhana called and said the family wanted to party on back at our house. They arrived with bags of freshly cooked food and with wine,vodka,babies (little Vichea and Grace sleeping side by side) and Jenga aplenty, a great night was had by all – especially by Sarah who is now well and truely indentured in my Khmer family.Her Khmer nieces barely leave her alone and she is great with them.

Bathtime for Grace

Bathtime for Vichea
“Yo..gimme some more soap damnit

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and soon enough Sarah had to head home to her own family. Her visit was,as always, a shining light in our life. She always comes with a love of Cambodia and each visit brings her closer and closer to my family here. Sarah was able to give us some great tips on bringing up a tot and I know Leakhana greatly enjoyed having her “big sister” over to visit.

The trip out to Ponchentong airport with Sam the Driver was a sad one. I know we will see Sarah regularly but when you are living so far away from family, it makes it very hard when they go and I also realised that Grace is going to be growing so quickly and my family are going to miss it which was a bit painful as well.

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  1. mrklatham says:

    Great report but who is that ugly bastard in the photo with lek and grace?

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