The bastards stole my battery

Sometimes you should listen to what the locals tell you. When they tell you never leave your car on the street, it is because they are locals and they know that thieves come under cover of darkness. However, when you mate tells you that he has left HIS Jeep Cherokee on the streets for 4 years and has never had it stolen or vandalised, you think maybe you too can become carefree and abandon all good advice.

So with a cavalier attitude,I left the Jeep on the street on Friday night….right out the front of The Compound. ” No-one ever steals Jeeps” I was told by my mate. “They want Camrys”. I woke up the next morning to find some little bastards had pried open the Cherokee’s bonnet and stolen the battery. Of course…. the security guards next door heard them just as they were finishing their dastardly deed and the culprits could not be stopped. As I asked Jeff…why is that you only ever here about Cambodian Security Guards either missing the crime or committing the crime but NEVER EVER stopping it ?

Anyways, the battery was old and shit and I now have a nice shiny new one which the bastards will not get next time because I have learnt to listen to the locals and my car is now behind our razor wire where it belongs !

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2 Responses to The bastards stole my battery

  1. mrklatham says:

    You are lucky that they only stole the battery.
    They could have taken the alternator easily,belts,hoses,any accessories really.
    Cant you guys afford a guard,someone who is guaranteed to be alseep when the thieves come along.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey Justin! Jeff’s bro-in law here…Steve. Congratulations on the baby!! I bet your life has changed. Well it’s all good especially if her family helps out. I had never had such luck. Anyhoo…I had such a great time in PP…I can hardly wait to come back…next summer I hope. Glad to hear they only took the battery and not the whole dman jeep. Take care Justin and hope to see ya this summer!
    Steve O

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