Mini Dengue

Just had a bloody awful little flu virus sweep through me. When it first started I thought maybe it was the dreaded Dengue Fever. We have so many mosquitoes in our place at the moment it is ridiculous and alot of them are the tiger mosquitoes that can carry DF.After an early night on Saturday, yesterday I spent most of the day on bed with chills and sore joints. We had intended on going to a pool party at Paul and Ang’s but that got canned and my super-wife was left holding the baby all day. I only made it downstairs to have lunch and pick my car up from the garage ( where it went due to having had the battery ripped out of it by thieves the night before ). I was in the back bedroom at 6p.m last night and Leakhana bought Grace in and lay her on the bed with a stern ” here..YOU look after her while I cook dinner ” and I sweated through a bottle feeding session. She then passed out in sheer exhaustion and slept with me until about 2a.m when I had to return her to mum for a feed. I spent the entire night in some fever induced LCD hallucinatory state. One minute I was freezing cold and under the blankets and the next moment I was throwing everything off and cranking up the aircon. At one stage I thought there were people in the room with me and I finally got up at dawn , had a shower and dragged my stumps into work.

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