Book Review ; The Kite Runner

I now know definitively what my two favourite books in the whole world are.

In no real order, the first is PERFUME by Patrick Suskind. The movie unfortunately sucked the big one, as did his follow up novel, THE PIGEON .

Which brings me to my next book.

THE KITE RUNNER. by Khaled Hosseini

I actually watched the DVD about 3 months ago and it brought tears to my eyes. I am never going to swap that DVD out as it is now part of my growing collection of “classics”.

I then decided to read the book and I finished it yesterday and I have to say, this book is a bloody pearler. If you have not read it, go out and get it today !

The story of two boys growing up through Soviet and Taliban era Afghanistan, it has all the ingredients of a true masterpiece. Friendship, betrayal, hardship, redemption and a happy(ish) ending. You are in immense pain for the young Hazara lad Hassan the whole way through the story and in despair for Pashtun Amir as he sets himself up for a lifetime of guilt .Whilst Hassan’s story as an ethnic minority living in Afghanistan goes from bad to worse to shocking, Amir escapes to the US and a life of relative prosperity thanks to his skills as a writer.

The movie was quite a decent adaptation of the novel and on completing the novel I went straight back to the DVD and watched it again .I would like it to have been made clearer that Sohrab ( Hassan’s son) only agrees to go to the US with Amir because as a Hazara orphan,he has no other choice but that really, he just wanted his old life back living with his own parents
( brutally executed by Taliban in front of him) and in his own county. Unfortunately, that is never going to happen .

It really is a great tale and I could not help but see the similarities in the way the Afghani and Khmer boys fly their simple kites. It also has a great soundtrack which I intend on buying as it has some really cool Afghan music on it,Leakhana loved it and I can see The Compound lit up with some Tiki torches, a pig on the spit and Jeff running around in a kaftan.

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