Galveston Oh Galveston

Back in 2000 when I was a gun selling software for BMC Software, they sent us to Texas for Sales hi-tech sales training. We were based in Houston for a few weeks and on the weekends we would do runs down to Galveston to eat crab and hang out on the ocean front and we also lucked it with Mardi Gras while we were there. So today it was with nostalgia and regret that I read about Hurricane Ike that seems set to slam this Texan icon.

Hang in there Galveston, I am thinking of you and your kind people……..

Source Sydney Morning Herald ,September 12, 2008 – 12:45PM

The coastal city of Galveston, Texas faces complete inundation from Hurricane Ike, and those who stay behind in one- or two-storey homes “will face certain death”, the National Hurricane Centre said today.

“All neighbourhoods and possibly entire coastal communities will be inundated during the period of peak storm tide,” the centre said in a special bulletin released at 0119 GMT (1119 AEST) ahead of the powerful storm’s forecast landfall later today.”Persons not heeding evacuation orders in single family one- or two-story homes will face certain death,” it said.

Slender Galveston island – about 5km off the Texas coast and whose city of Galveston has more than 50,000 residents – could be flooded by a storm surge as high as 6.5 metres.”Life-threatening inundation likely!” blared the warning from the Miami-based NHC, which said that many residences on the immediate coast “will be destroyed” with widespread personal property damage likely elsewhere.

“Entire flood-prone coastal communities will be cut off. Water levels may exceed nine feet (three metres) for more than a mile inland,” it said.”Damage from beach erosion could take years to repair.” Ike, which left more than 100 people dead in its rampage through the Caribbean, was expected to barrel into the Texas coast as a major hurricane packing winds in excess of 190km/h.

A mandatory evacuation order was already in effect earlier today, when some residents in Galveston said they were resisting the order to get out.”There’s more people here than I would have thought,” said Alicia Cahill, a public information officer for Galveston.

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