Its hard to find good staff

This was posted yesterday on a local internet forum . Now, I don’t want to disenfranchise any NGO readers I may have but when people mention Cleaner and Nanny in the same message, I get suspicious.

For the record, my Eurotech deliveries are so fast I am sure they are waiting out the front for us to call. Also, the water bottles are available on just about every corner ! I guess that would involve leaving the pearly gates though……….

I am left speechless and I hope you are too.

Hello All,

Today I had a really stressful day trying to get water delivered by Eurotech GASP !. Apparently my cleaner usually has difficulty getting water delivered however today’s experience was the worst yet. We rang the driver and the Eurotech Office 6 times in order to get water delivered. Each time they said it would be a specific time, however no water was delivered. Finally, after several phone calls, I rang the office to complain. They again assured me that the water was on its way. When I rang back 20 minutes later, I was passed to a man who started yelling at me and abusing me. I said that I had ordered water 5 times that day and it had not arrived and I wanted an explanation and the water to be delivered. He then started yelling at me saying that it was all my fault and I was wasting his staff’s time and his staff had already come to my house 3 times that day and we had not opened the gate. I assured him that we had been home all day, we would have heard his delivery man arrive (as we have opened our gate once a week for this same man for the past 6 months) and that we had gone down to the gate at the agreed upon delivery time. We have also
repeatedly asked this delivery man (only one guy for our block) to call us if the gate is locked and we will come down immediately.

He accused me of lying and said that his staff had in fact arrived. I told him not to speak to me like that and I asked to speak to his boss. He then went silent and said that the water would arrive in 30 minutes. I told him to forget it, cancelled my order then hung up.

30 minutes later he called me (my nanny spoke with him this time in Khmer) to say he was waiting outside our gate with our water. My nanny went downstairs to open the gate. Surprise surprise – NO ONE WAS THERE. When she called the man back, he insisted his driver was outside our house. When she asked him where he was he admitted he was in the office. She then asked him how he knew his driver was outside
our house. He said he trusted his staff and this time accused my nanny of lying to him!

The reason I am writing is that I know of many people who have experienced similar problems with Eurotech delivery. I am planning to write a letter to the General Manager of Eurotech listing my complaints. If any of you would like to add your comments please let me know and I will include them.I do not appreciate being yelled at or accused of lying and wasting some one’s time, particularly when it is a case of me being lied to and having my time wasted.

The other thing is, I can’t find out who the head of Eurotech is or their email address. If anyone knows this information can you please email me?

With kind regards,

(name witheld )

PS. Not sure if anyone already does this but am planning never to use Eurotech delivery again, however buy their water from the small shops in our area. Does anyone know of a good shop that delivers?:-)

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5 Responses to Its hard to find good staff

  1. mrklatham says:

    Life is tough for poor expats isnt it,it is like the bloody third world!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Not intelligent.

    They have a house that’s big enough that you have to make a trip down to the gate to see if someone’s there, yet there’s nowhere to store more than a week’s supply of water?

    And having had water delivered every week for six months, they haven’t yet scheduled a regular day/time with the driver?

    And living in Cambodia for six months plus, they haven’t yet realised that not everything works exactly to a strict schedule and that calling five times in a day should only be done in real cases of emergency, stress or importance?

    And after all of the problems they claim to have had, they’re still posh snobs enough that no other brand but Eurotech is good enough for them? It must be better than all the other brands because it has a UK flag and no Khmer writing, is that it? Or maybe they have a thing for dolphins? Hmmm.

    Yeah, I’d say this person is either really thick or has a vested interest in generating business for Eurotech’s competitors.

  3. Kratzy says:

    I’m sorry, but learn the freakin language people! Don’t rely on your nanny to translate for you! Grrrr… This really gets me grumpy! I lived in Anlong Veng for a year and managed to get by with only 4 people speaking English. I learnt to speak the language and you make do. Strange thought… but had this person heard of legs and walking to a shop? Fair enough they obviously have children who need clean water, but honestly!

  4. Anonymous says:

    What an imbecile. Poor little thing…. must have sucked being thirsty for an hour or so. Maybe they should try living in the provinces for a month.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Does Evian or San Pelligrano do deliveries?

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