A visit to The Royal Rattanak Hospital

Having tried various other hospitals, today we went to The Royal Rattanak Hospital in Toul Kork. This facility was previously a smallish private clinic however it has morphed into a large hospital. So here is how it went…….

After pulling into the spacious driveway we were directed to the moto parking area by a chap in the sharpest security uniform I have seen. The parking area is right next to the front door and we were soon walking into an air-conditioned, spotless, brand spanking new medical reception area. We are greeted by a delightful front desk lady who asks us if we have been here before and then shows us to the brand new leather chairs where we sit down and fill out the New Patient document. I watch as minions of mostly Thai medical staff in spotless uniforms ( including white starched matrons with 60s pope-style nurse hats on ) bustle around and workers of all sorts put the finishing touches on everything.

My wife is then whisked into a spotless space where blood pressure, temperature,weight and height are all taken and recorded with spotlessly new equipment and we are then told to wait a few minutes for the doctor. While we are waiting, we are given a brand credit card-style hospital patient card with wife’s name and a unique ID number on it.

A few minutes later the Doctor arrives and we are taken to a specialist consulting room. The male Thai Doctor speaks perfect English and is very thorough with his questioning and after a quick examination of Leakhana, he says that really we should wait another 2 weeks before getting another ultrasound as the baby is too small to determine sex ( this is news to me ; Calmette blurted out the sex to my wife a month ago , she told a friend under oath of secrecy and friend then blurted it out to me so I have been under the impression we knew the sex 100% ……). He suggests doing full blood testing ( funny -none of the other hospitals recommended that ) and then says that whilst the Folic Acid we were given by Calmette is good, they have only prescribed a half dosage routine. He also recommends calcium and tells my wife to ” eat eat eat !!”. I really am liking this guy. I ask about the Australian mid-wife Sandra and he says yes she is working there and yes of course we can talk to her well prior to the birth but it is still a bit early yet and yes of course we can check out the private suites etc. He says they also have Thai,Filipino and Khmer mid-wives. He asks my wife is she has any questions ( both of us are in too much awe of the facility to even speak i think ! ) and then he schedules us for a return visit in two weeks.

We then head over to the hospital pharmacy who has all our drugs in a nice Tiffany style bag with rope handles and after paying with my visa card ( $80 for initial check-up by nurse,full blood serum testing, doctor’s consultation of about 30 minutes and all drugs for the next month ) we head out the door.

Also worth checking out when you leave is the seriously large FUCK OFF villa next to the Hospital. The residence of the Hospital’s Khmer Owner ( and coincidentally Leakhana’s old boss at Phnom Penh Internet Cafe ), the gatehouse is staffed by full-on soldiers with polished battle helmets and AK47s ! Actually it looks more like a wing of thehospital .This place is surely going to set the pace for new medical facilities in Cambodia. I will continue to add to this report as it might be all bells and whistles and nothing more but it sure was a great start and we are both very happy with the initial visit.

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2 Responses to A visit to The Royal Rattanak Hospital

  1. Hi there, my wife is trying to find a job at the Hospital. We visited it this morning and were given a website and a name, Miss Natha, but the website does not work so we can’t find a contact email. Unfortunately we are flying back to the UK today. Would you know of an email address for us to send her CV?
    Kind Regards,

  2. Hi. I’m considering a move to Cambodia (currently in Switzerland but originally Irish) and have just come across your blog. First of all, congrats! It’s a great source of info and very entertaining too. Secondly I was just wondering if you might have any more advice related to this hospital or others? My girlfriend would be moving with me and we are trying for a baby so it is likely it would be born in Cambodia… Did you go back to the Royal Rattanak Hospital? If not, do you mind me asking where you would recommend for pre-natal care and giving birth? Thanks so much in advance and keep up the good work with the site! 🙂

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