Srey Pich comes to stay

Srey Pich in Pink attending Leakhana at our wedding.

We have a new house guest. Srey Pich is Leakhana’s closest friend…. in fact they always call each other “sister”. They have known each other a very long time and for the last 4 years Srey Pich has been toiling away in Malaysia as a house maid to a wealthy Chinese family. She was looked after quite well and managed to save enough money to buy her parents some land and build a small house in Pailin here in Cambodia. However Srey Pich came back broke$ and took a job in a Pailin restaurant. She was working 7 days a week / 12 hours a day in this restaurant. Her monthly take-home pay ? $20. Yes………$20. By the way….did I mention Srey Pich had 3 kids to a scum bag Khmer guy who left her when she was still very young and her parents have been looking after them for 4 years. Can you imagine not seeing your kids for 4 years ?? So I had a talk to my friends at Talking to A Stranger, Wendy and Derek, and they agreed to try Srey Pich out as a waitress. Her English is quite good and the $150 + tips she will earn here in Phnom Penh will go alot further than the $20 she was getting in Pailin. I have told Leakhana she can stay with us as long as she wants/ needs as I am happy the girls are together and hanging out.

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