Planning a house

At the moment I am consumed with not only my work load but also researching the web for ideas for a special house to build amongst the rice paddies of Cambodia . Although it is not going to happen for a while (years !) I like to think about things in advance !. I will probably only get one shot in my life at building a special place so here are the things I like so far………

Nicholas Murcutt’s Box House, Australia 


Glenn Murcutt’s Marika-Alderton house, Australia 


Kampot Coastal Waterways Admin’ office, Cambodia

Knai Bang Chatt Concrete 60s,Kep,Cambodia
Traditioanal Khmer Wooden House, Cambodia.

I have even been looking into shipping containers and bamboo as cost-effective building construction methods ! 

Anyways, all suggestions and links to cool sites are welcome…..


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4 Responses to Planning a house

  1. Anonymous says:

    glad you like our box house, we absolutey love it. It has changed the way we live and think about occupying space, not to mention what it does for the soul. So when it comes time to do your house make sure you invest in the architecture.

  2. I am honoured you visited my site ! I would love to build a house like your famous Box House BUT here in Cambodia they have pilfered all the forests wood so timber is very very expensive .PLUS we have no decent architects here and the few that are capable are all involved in huge projects and won;t do smaller houses.

  3. humphrey says:

    Box house looks highly impractical for the tropics.Al that glass,especially the glass at the front that doesnt open and no protection for the windows against the sun.
    I like murcutts work but when a generator costs minimum one dollar and hour to run AC gets mighty expensive.
    Obviuosly as open a house as possible makes sense here especially on the river where the breeze blows constantly but the thieves make this impractical.

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