Our new ride

2007 110cc Honda Airblade
  • Automatic
  • Watercooled
  • ABS

Best thing is…when you have one of those, you don’t have to worry about these …..

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2 Responses to Our new ride

  1. IgnacioC says:

    Good day. I discovered your blog today and enjoy reading it.

    One comment: did you ever think that the severe swelling in your ankles in July was caused by gout? I’ve been a gout sufferer on and off for 10 years and to me sounds exactly like it. My first attack was diagnosed as a broken ankle so you can imagine the pain with a cast on and improper meds… the 2nd attack came 5 years later and it took me 3 years after that to realize that the broken foot was actually a gout attack. If you want some prevention advice let me know and it WON’T entail stopping beer-drinking.

    Cheers, Ignacio

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