I have finally got my tattoo which had been in the planning since my first trip to Cambodia. Now don’t freak out mother, it is a great piece of work that extends from my elbow to my neck on my left side. JUST KIDDING ! . Last time I was in Bangkok at Xmas time I spied a few tattoo shops and visited them and they are all famous for their work. This time I happened across a shop called Pumpkin Tattoo one day and outside it was this amazing looking Thai lady with the most amazing artwork on her body I had ever seen, I stopped and got to talking with her and it turns out she and her husband own several shops in the area and she directed me to the one where I could get “inked” by their head tattooist. So I went to the shop and met with her husband and he kindly helped me finalise the exact design. I had taken the design work with me from Sydney but he used a graphics programme to tweak it and next thing I know I am having a stencil applied to my inner left bicep.We had to change the exact positioning a couple of times which was time consuming but they were all very patient with me. I then lay in the chair with my bottle of water, my MP3 playing some soothing tunes and away we went. It hurt like hell and took about 2 hours and every now and then I would take a photo of myself and chat to the tattooist.

Struth that hurts

Struth that hurts

Yeaaaaaaah Boy.

Yeaaaaaaah Boy.

Next to me in the other chair was this guy who had arrived 3 months ago to have pretty much his entire body done. He arrived with one tiny tattoo on his chest and now was sporting some massive designs of the most amazing style. He was having this Japanese Geisha lady with a fan done on his left thigh and I could tell he was in some serious pain.

Serious work ahead

Serious work ahead

So all in all it was one of the best experiences of my life. Seriously. It is hard to explain the feeling but it is like you join a big club or something and I am so happy with my tattoo. Oh and what is it you ask ? I had it done in Khmer script and it translates as “ One Life to Live “

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