Amazing what a difference $500 makes

God bless Gumtree ( and BWS 😂)

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Gumtree bargain

I’m a bit sick of the cane sofa furniture in the rental we are in. I actually like the holiday vibe it puts off but dang it’s uncomfortable. I went up to Fantastic Furniture on the weekend and sofas were running at $600 to $800 for 3 seater.

I decided to look at Gumtree..which if you have ever used it you know how random it is….and lo and behold I saw a fresh listing for a 3 seater and a 2 seater out in Palmerston. The price seemed very low compared to all the other crap I was seeing so I grabbed the wife and we headed out on the odd chance there was a bargain to be had.

We were met by a very friendly lady who welcomed us into her neat and well presented home and there in front of us were two plush, clean, ultra comfortable sofas in a nice soft earthy red. I only needed a minute to tell her “we’ll take them!!” And she then asked if we needed coffee table and TV unit. These were very nice teak so we talked turkey and we scored them as well.

The price?

$220 for the sofas. She paid $2000 for them and I could easily on sell for $500

$280 for the LARGE Scandi style coffee table and TV sideboard.

Seriously couldn’t believe our luck.

For comparison…these were on Gumtree and both were $250 each!!

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Back country hunting / Litchfield national park

After completing the Back Country Hunting programme im now able to access 40km2 of primo hunting land two hours from Darwin in Litchfield Park. This weekend I headed out for two days with work colleague Luke. It was so fucking hot it was like being on Mars. Saw plenty of signs of buffalo, horses and then also had a large mob of pigs run right in front of the car as we were driving along the track. Couldn’t get the 308 out fast enough…..

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Happy early birthday to me…

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